Tangy Fruitiness

and Massive Refreshment

Who doesn’t like BIG taste with BIG refreshment? There are a lot of soft drinks in the market, but most of them are not filled with the right stuff! FRIZZY and FULL TOSS are here to change that.

Both these pioneer offerings of Elixir Corporation, give great taste that people demand in a soft drink, without sacrificing the health quotient. Our refreshing and natural approach means we not only pack a fruity and flavoursome punch in your mouth, but also shout from the rooftop that we source our fruits from regions across the country that are known for yielding the best produce.

Frizzy’s real fruitiness, natural flavours, heart-warming taste and massive refreshment come in 10 delicious flavours, namely Orange, Jeeru, Lemon, Soda, Fruit Beer, Cola, Pink Lady, Mango, Lychee and Guava. So, there’s a thirst quenching bottle of goodness to suit every occasion and every mood. Apart from Fruit Bear and Pink Lady, Full Toss also offers the same range of flavours with the same zeal and zest, but a surprising twist, of mouth-watering flavours.

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Frizzy Fruity Drinks!

Frizzy also offers the real deal. Juices made freshly out of extracting the delectable goodness from wholesome ingredients and real fruits. It’s juice so fresh, that it may just make your heart flutter! The best thing about these fruit juices is that it adheres to the age old tradition of taste and nutrition.

We consider this just the start though. We are constantly and consistently looking to innovate for fresh new ways to make Frizzy and Full Toss better, tastier and healthier. We believe that we are the future of innovation in the natural beverages segment. So, come join the revolution!