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Renowned Italian businessman Lapo Elkann once famously said, “Real Luxury is Customization”.
And how true!

In a world where consumers are spoilt for choices, customization is changing the relationship between food and beverages’ manufactures and consumers. The natural beverages world is a universe in its own, where bringing the real goodness of fruit coupled with a burst of surprise is what sets the leaders apart. And as far as consumers are concerned, who wouldn’t share the delight to put their personal stamp on beverages?

Elixir Corporation is plunging into the world of customization to meet consumer trends, driven by dynamic economics and technological innovation. We believe that we are ready to cater to our consumers’ craving to personalize their drink! From customized soft drinks and fruit juices to mocktails and more, Elixir Corporation has now opened its doors to alter customers’ favourite drink and also dive into the awesomeness of experimentation with mixology.

Elixir Corporation is ready to offer you the possibility to create your own thirst quenching beverages. Your choice and your flavour will be developed by a team of professionals hand in glove with the latest machinery. Carbonated or not, for a small gathering or mass retail
consumption, we have no boundaries and sky is the limit.

Apart from this, we will source recipes of some popular local beverages, which are a hit among people, and delve into mass production of those drinks. So the next time you’re in Nagpur, Maharashtra, don’t be surprised if you – bump into a bottle of ‘Orange Mint Sunshine’ at a retail shop; Or if you’re in Chennai and unearth a cooling and refreshing ‘Virgin Mango Mojito’, made from the best mangoes of Ratnagiri at a local kirana store; Or you find yourself relishing ‘Sparkling Strawberry’ in the hot and happening corners of Bihar, made from the world famous strawberries of Mahabaleshwar; Or you bump into a pack of chilled ‘Lychee Ginger Mint Fizz’ in Pune, sourced from the best lychee orchards of Muzaffarpur, so on and so forth.

Now, wouldn’t that simply be wonderful and an absolute delight? Wouldn’t it make you want to explore the option of customized drinks more often? We think so that the future lies here and we invite you to come join us in this revolution!