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Treat yourself to a tropical getaway within the luxury of your homes or office space. Coconuts and Cocodoco is pure coconut water sourced from the premier coconut heartland of Karnataka. This organic elixir is packed with nutrients that makes it a great drink for rejuvenation.

Perfect for the Indian summers, Coconuts and Cocodoco is raw, healthy and heavenly – it feels like you’re drinking straight from a young fresh green coconut. With absolutely nothing additional added to it, Coconuts and Cocodoco is 100% pure and is filled with essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes.

A natural drink for all, Coconuts and Cocodoco is ideal for those desperately seeking for hydration or sports nutrition. Coconut water is nature’s best sports drink and is also a favourite among health conscious people, thereby bring one of the best enhancer’s of mind and body performance.