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At Elixir Corporation our ambition is to expand our footprint across India and the world by entering new markets, new channels and partnering with local and small-scale manufacturers of natural beverages to spread moments of magic for our consumers. With brand presence in Gujarat and Maharashtra as of now, we are on our journey to becoming an industry leader in branded natural beverages through organic growth, remarkable innovation and strategic alliances.

We have so for partnered with Kasturi Coconut Processing, a manufacturing unit in the coconut heartland of Karnataka that offers an assorted range of coconut products. Our Partnership with Kasturi is testimony of our commitment to share the goodness of various regions to different parts of the country and the globe. We are determined to deep-dive into various markets of our country, source the local fruits and product and spread its worth for others to relish and enjoy.

We would love to see consumers of Southern parts of India savor the deliciousness of the apples products in the Northern belt; we would be delighted if people residing in the Eastern belt revel in the awesomeness of mangoes produced in the Western parts of the country; We would love those living in the North of India enjoy the tropical delight of coconuts abundantly available down South, so on and so forth. The biggest motive to build these life-long associations is to fuel our focus on delivering the goodness of fruits of our nation coupled with enhanced health benefits through innovative ready-to-consume drinks. We hope with more valuable associations, Elixir Corporation can propel growth and be a global leader for creating newer hydration solutions.

Bridging the gap

India is a land of opportunities, filled with small pockets of remarkable success stories. However, a few fall short of making a mark in their respective field, for multiple reasons. Elixir Corporation yearns to bridge these gaps for smaller manufacturers of beverages.

Those who have the machinery and manpower in place, but lack the research and strategy; those who are blessed with great infrastructure, but lack direction in taste or creativity; those who have recipes of great refreshment, but lack the machinery and basic amenities, Elixir Corporation is willing to associate with these small-timers to enable them grow at a level they would otherwise faulter to. The relationship would be similar to that of a parent and child, where we will guide, transfer knowledge and build a community support system that will eventually make Elixir Corporation a family of like-minded natural beverage lovers.

Not just this, but Elixir Corporation also respects the fact that these small scale manufactures could fill the vacuum that we as a company have. We look forward to a given and take relationship, which will not just help these local manufacturers to scale up, but also make us a better, focused and more cohesive unit. Sky is the limit as far as knowledge is concerned and so we look forward to learning and implementing these lessons with each of our partners.

Passion and the belief in our essence to ‘Desire.Dream.Drink.’ is the only thing that will bing us with our partners and solidify our relationship to ensure together we reach industry heights. So, if you are someone who believes in our mission to create magical beverages’ moments for consumers, then do reach out to us and we will explore the various opportunities that we can grab together. Remember, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!