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About Us

In today’s fast moving world, consumers are always on the lookout for novel and natural tastes of beverages that tickle their palette and fill their soul with happiness. Therefore, innovation is key to success. Based on this ethos, Elixir Corporation was founded in 2012 with a motto to become a global leader in thirst quencher through its wide gamut of soft drinks, fruit juices, ice teas, health drinks and more.

With a desire to wake up to a new flavour every day; the dream to spread that wave of freshness and innovation; Elixir Corporation has, since its inception, aimed to break the stereotype associated with beverages and fruit pulps.

Having a strong marketing presence in parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra, we at Elixir Corporation strongly believe that it’s time to rule the roost in the rest of the country. Hence, we’re upping our game and dreaming big because like former President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam said, “You have to DREAM, before DREAMS come TRUE!”

Have you ever imagined a world where you could sit in the comfort of your home and yet enjoy the experience of sipping your favourite mocktail, which instantly teleports you to your dream destination? Or, how many times have you wished you could sip a cool and refreshing mojito while on the move during the Indian summers?

Customization is never a challenge for us. Your wish is now our command!

We at Elixir Corporation are venturing into a market that still remains unexplored in most countries of the world. We are working our way up to provide YOU with customized beverages that are manufactured not only to satisfy YOUR taste buds, but also provide you with refreshing moments of joy without blowing a hole in your pockets!

We welcome you with open arms to join our experiment of customizing flavours of your choice, for different moments of your life and be part of a never-thought-before revolution of customized thirst quenchers.

Our vision is to bring a tasty revolution in Indian Market, and to be known as the only company doing it to the level best.


To be the most admired natural beverages company in the world by making a big and lasting impact with our wide range of soft drinks, fruit juices, health drinks and flavoured water.


To create magical beverages moments for consumers across the globe, and an eternity of sustainable goodness for our communities.